Brief & response
Design firm's flagship Thought Leadership piece on the post-Brexit energy landscape. This will include two infographic spreads. The infographic needs to give an overview of how electricity & oil and gas are connected & used with the first spread containing textual information on each area of the energy landscape. The second infographic will focus on the data based information for the forecasted changes in the energy industry.   
Designed & created a schematic diagram to show the energy landscape, where the energy comes from, then where it is distributed to (residential/industry/both). Each area was then accompanied by text on how Brexit could potentially effect it. The second spread keeps the same format, but shows the predicted change on tariff rates Brexit will have across the energy landscape.
Also designed the rest of the publication in-line with the firm's branded materials. This was published on the client's website as well as printed and distributed globally for their Thought Leadership campaign.

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