Brief & response
The brief asked to re-imagine & re-evaluate the stamp & its communicative power using typographic forms.​​​​​​​   
I focused on storytelling as being a powerful method of communication. For the content of the stamps I chose 5 stories from 5 British authors and then selected fonts that reflected the character of the stories and authors. Taking influence from the fact the stamps are made up of sentences, I used the idea of line length, and created the stamps as one thin long line that wraps around the envelope.
I wanted to tackle the fact that many people don’t write letters & also add another function to the stamp, so the stamps can be scanned through an app, opening up a whole world behind them. The sentences on the stamps were cut off so they end on a cliffhanger, in order for the reader to discover the ending, they need to use the app & scan the stamp. Once scanned, the end of the cliffhanger is revealed & there are options to read whole novels by the author. There is also a share option, which rather than sharing through social media, downloads a letter template to be handwritten & sent through the post.

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