Brief & response
Newspapers are text heavy & a lot of people are low on spare time. Often commuters read papers on the train, perhaps they only have a few stops to go & couldn’t get through much of the news in that time. This brief was to find a solution to that problem & redesign the newspaper for people who needed to read the news quickly.
I was interested about how this could work in print as it felt like this had already been achieved digitally.

I decided that overprinting was a good technique to accomplish this and also meant that the more detailed version is still available should the reader want to read on.
The overprinted text summarises the article in it’s most simple form to allow readers to cover all of the news as fast as possible.
Infographics giving an overview of the articles were kept as simple as possible so that they can be read and understood quickly.
Colour coded sections also allowed the reader to find the news that most interested them. This idea of detail & simplicity extended to even the page numbering, having the large overprinted numbers then the full written version of the page numbers below.

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