Brief & response
Design a set of stories for b_together's Instagram that tells followers & potential members short stories about how the club came to be.
For the design I used a handmade style to show the family & friendly personality of the b_together  brand. For example; used textured paper to mimic a story book, colouring in is in a messy cut-out style & hand brushed elements.
These stories started with an image I designed to mimic a simple book cover.
I also considered the user experience and how as Instagram is mainly an image based platform, more text heavy stories might be skipped through. To get around this, I designed a 'map' showing at which stage of the stories the reader was in & showing them how much more was to come.
Character Detail
To give readers enough time to read the text on the stories, I created this character instructing them to hold that area to read on.
I took inspiration from a thumb as this was the most common way users would hold their screen for this use. The shape and intricate pattern from thumbs was used as an influence for the character’s body.
I then created a range of expressions so it could change across a series of instagram Stories and react to the different content.
Map / User Journey Detail
As these Instagram Stories were more text based, I wanted to include an element in the design that would show readers how much more content was left and encourage them to continue to read on rather than skip past the stories.
I created this map/timeline that changed for each story in the sequence to show where the reader was and how much more there was to complete. 

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