Brief & response
Develop a set of Instagram posts for launching our brand. Needs to sell each of our main services and introduce the b_together brand.
For this Instagram puzzle feed, I gave each of b_together's services it's own square/post. This allowed for further detail to be written in the caption relating to each post while giving individual services their own space to stand out on the feed.
The b_together brand is creative, bold, friendly, and perfectly imperfect! The grid is made up of type, image and brand illustration posts with overlapping elements to bring the posts together and make the grid work as one.
Part of the 9 grid also introduces their 'At Feast' restaurant. Terracotta tiles from the restaurant are used in the background to give a feel for the space. To add personality I included a caption over the image using onomatopoeia to influence the baseline of the letters.
Go check them out at and follow them on Instagram here!

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